Pink non-woven fabric order

The new order of our factory is peach colored non-woven cloth. Its color is very beautiful. We are looking forward to the production of masks.We now accept all kinds of color customization, if you need, please contact us, the more quantity , the cheaper price!


How long can a disposable mask be worn

Under normal circumstances, disposable masks are replaced every 8 hours and cannot be reused. The disposable mask is made of more than three layers of 28 grams of non-woven fabric; the nose bridge is made of environmentally friendly all-plastic strips, does not contain any metal, and is equipped with breathable and comfortable, especially suitable for electronic factories and daily life. Among them, disposable medical surgical masks can prevent respiratory infections to a certain extent. It is made of two layers of non-woven fabrics and filter paper. It is made of two layers of fiber non-woven fabrics professionally used in medical and health care. More than 99% of the anti-bacterial filter solution spray cloth is made by ultrasonic welding.

It is necessary to remind everyone that there are various disposable masks, and they must be selected according to different operating needs and working conditions. For example, during an epidemic, you must choose a medical surgical mask, and you should pay attention to the correct wearing method. Wash your hands first. When wearing, hold the ear strap with both hands, the dark side is outside and the inside is light. Put the side of the mask with a wire (a small piece of hard) on the nose, squeeze the wire according to your nose shape, and then pull the mask body completely down so that the mask completely covers the mouth and nose. In addition, such masks should be used within the validity period, only for one-time use, and should be destroyed after use; if the mask packaging is damaged, it should be prohibited.

Things to pay attention to when wearing a mask

Things to pay attention to when wearing a mask

(1)Wash your hands before wearing a mask and before and after taking off a mask;
(2) To keep the mask close to the face:
①The colored side of the mask faces outwards, and the side with the metal sheet is upward;
② Tighten the rope that fixes the mask, or wrap the rubber band of the mask around the ear to make the mask fit the face;
③ The mask should completely cover the nose, nose and chin;
④ Press the metal sheet on the mask tightly along both sides of the bridge of the nose to make the mask close to the face.
(3) After wearing the mask, avoid touching the mask to avoid reducing the protective effect; if you must touch the mask, wash your hands thoroughly before and after touching it.
(4) When removing the mask, try to avoid touching the outward part of the mask, because this part may be contaminated with germs.
(5) After taking off the mask, put it in an adhesive tape or paper bag and wrap it, then put it in a covered trash can and discard it.
(6) The mask should be replaced at least once a day. If the mask is damaged or dirty, it should be replaced immediately.

Common prevention tips

Common prevention tips

1、Follow the local government instructions to stay at home

2、Keep a safe distance from others

3、Wash your hands frequently when you are at home, and disinfect the surfaces of the objects you frequently touch

4、Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth

5、When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with your elbows or tissues

We added two new product lines today.

On June 1, 2020, Ningbo Union Machinery Co., Ltd added 2 new product lines. At present, we have 18 sets of 1800mm wide product lines with a daily capacity of about 25 tons. And we have also made a breakthrough in the technology of FFP2 meltblown nonwoven fabric. The fabric with 25gsm, single-layer, has been tested at 95L/min and the result can achieve stable PFE95%+. Welcome new and old customers to consult business with us.