A: Generally, our production capacity of meltblown fabric is 12 tons per week, and our production capacity of SS non-woven fabric is 130 tons per week. Also, we have some stock of these products to ensure that we can deliver the goods within the required time.

A: Yes, the audit and inspection are available. We have had more than 10 customers come to the factory for inspection.

A: At present, we do not have a distributor overseas. If you want to become a local distributor, you can tell us by email.

A: The good storage condition of meltblown fabric is best to avoid strong sunlight, and keep the temperature 20-25℃, and the humidity less than 50%.

Under normal storage conditions, the BFE of our meltblown fabric decrease less than 1% within 12 months, and the fabric will not become brittle, and can still be used normally.

A: As for sea shipment, it usually takes 20-30 days from Ningbo seaport to most other cities around the world.

If the weather is hot, the temperature inside the general container will be very high, which will affect the quality of meltblown fabric, so we suggest to use the refrigerated container for sea shipment.

Also, we will use aluminum foil for packing, to keep the stable temperature of meltblown fabric, and reduce the decline of BFE.

As for air shipment, it usually takes 3~5 days from Shanghai airport to most other cities around the world. The air transportation condition is better, so it will not have a great impact on the quality of meltblown fabric.

Before delivery from our factory, we will make sure that the quality of meltblown fabric is better than you required in the order. Therefore, when you receive the fabrics, their quality is still up to your standard.

A: There are several different types of BFE99% meltblown fabric. In addition to BFE99%, there are requirements of respiratory resistance for the meltblown fabric of making Medical Masks. Compared with the general meltblown fabric, the meltblown fabric for making medical masks use better raw materials and more complicated production technology. Therefore, it leads to a higher price of the meltblown fabric for making medical masks than general meltblown fabric.

A: Type IIR mask of EN14683 is medical-surgical masks. Its BFE should be >99%, and its respiratory resistance should be < 49Pa. And it needs to pass the Splash Test (The fail rate should less than 3 of 32 masks). Type IIR mask has the highest standard of the three-layer masks, so the quality and price of the meltblown fabric used in Type IIR Masks are higher than that of the general medical masks.

If you need meltblown fabric for making Type IIR Masks, please note that in the email.

A: We have reliable suppliers of nose bar and ear loops, which can provide all models of nose bar and ear loops, and customized color of ear loops.

A: Meltblown fabrics can be used for: Masks, Diapers, Sanitary Pads, Protective gowns, Industrial Filter Material, Air Filter, etc.

SS nonwoven fabrics can be used for: Masks, Diapers, Sanitary Pads, Protective gowns, Household Textile, Bed Sheets, Filtration Materials, Shopping bags, etc.