Meltblown Nonwoven(FFP2)

High quality polypropylene is selected as the basic raw material and produced by the international leading processing technology. The product has stable melt flow properties, narrow molecular weight distribution, low ash content, no other product residues, excellent spinning performance and other excellent characteristics, which can meet the requirements of high-end melt blown polypropylene non-woven fabric production.

The electret masterbatch is purchased from Clariant. Under a good and stable storage conditions, the Electrostatic charge of the meltblown fabric will not decrease for about than 6 months.

Color: White

Basic Weight: 25-50g/m2

Flow Rate:  95.0L/ Min


The regular width: 145mm,175mm ,260mm

width can be cut according to your requirement


1 roll per PE bag, 4 rolls wrapped in PVC film, 1 Carton Box.

Carton size: 62cmx62cmx73cm 4rolls / Carton

For making FFP2 masks and other filtration materials.

Test report:

Date: June 14, 2020

Time: 14:09:42

Product name: Meltblown nonwoven fabric(Single layer)

Test Item: DEHS

Serial No.:12345-00000

Flow Rate:  95L/ Min

Resistance: 108Pa

0.3um(PFE): Efficiency 98.333%

0.5um: Efficiency 98.424%

1.0um: Efficiency 99.890%

3.0um ( BFE): Efficiency 100.000%

5.0um: Efficiency 100.000%

10.0um: Efficiency 100.0000%

Factory display


Sample fabric: